How to disable all types of tracking on Android browser

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The function of blocking tracking, which appeared in Safari about two years ago and radically changed the model of web surfing that has developed over the years, reached the users of the Firefox Focus browser for Android. Thanks to it, users will be able to choose which sites to share their data with, and how to prohibit collecting at least some information about themselves in order to avoid the appearance of targeted advertisements in the future.

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Advanced tracking protection, introduced in Firefox Focus, is a comprehensive tool that provides protection at several levels. First, the tracking block feature allows you to block cookies from your site when you visit it and prevent third-party content providers from tracking your site by blocking cross-tracking. This will help reduce the number of ads based on your preferences.

ff Android Apps  How to disable all types of tracking on Android browser

Why do I need a tracking lock feature

Tracking lock function will provide you not only a sense of security and confidence in the safety of your data, but also a faster web surfing. Disabling trackers allows you to increase the speed of loading websites without wasting the smartphone resource on processing components responsible for tracking the user and analyzing his preferences for further use in personalized advertising campaigns.

In addition to the tracking lock feature, the updated Firefox Focus now protects Google’s secure browsing service. It saves you from visiting fraudulent websites, warning of possible danger and reducing the risk of being deceived. This is a very significant innovation that allows you to secure your stay in the Network, not only novice users, sticking out their credulity, but also advanced users, who also sometimes fall for the tricks of scammers.

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Application: Firefox Focus
Developer: Mozilla
Category: Communication
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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