Samsung smartphones have a led ring: why do you need it?

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Samsung is not afraid of experiments, and that is why it has equipped its Galaxy A8S smartphone with a hole for a selfie camera. Judging by the photos that appeared on the Internet, she intends to use this feature to the full. The photo shows a smartphone, where LEDs around the hole are lit in a circle. According to preliminary data, they are needed both to lighten portraits and to notify about messages and calls. Apparently, the element is in the Galaxy A8S smartphone and will appear in the future flagship Galaxy S10.

It is believed that tiny LEDs light up while taking photos and in the process of facial recognition. There is a possibility that they are sensitive to the touch of a finger and are able to give the command to start the camera application. Unusual and very unexpected element can be found and other applications. For example, it can completely replace the notification light and show the battery level. The main thing is that LEDs do not consume a lot of energy. Although the source and mentioned LED-backlight, it is likely that the indicator is displayed on the display and does not affect the brightness of the photos.

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Screenshot_1-1 Smartphones  Samsung smartphones have a led ring: why do you need it?

Samsung Galaxy A8S smartphone is already available for pre-order from China. There it is available at a cost equivalent to 30 000 rubles. For a smartphone with a chipset Snapdragon 710 and RAM at least 6 GB it seems a great price, but it is necessary to understand that in Russia the price tag can significantly increase.

As for the flagship Samsung Galaxy S10, its announcement is expected in the first half of 2019. In addition to increased performance and the above “ring” around the selfie camera, the device will receive a function of reverse charging. This means that it will be able to share energy with third-party devices, such as Bluetooth headphones and fitness bracelets.


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