How to disable the fast charging function and why it is necessary

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Fast charging is one of the most useful technology solutions ever to appear in smartphones. It was first introduced in 2013 by Qualcomm as an exceptional feature of the flagship devices, but has since spread widely, appearing even on affordable models. However, even the obvious convenience of the quick charge function does not negate the fact that it increases the likelihood of premature wear of the battery, which in turn can deter some users.

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Despite the safety measures applied by smartphone manufacturers, in the long term the use of fast charging can really have a negative impact on the “health” of the battery. It wears it out much faster and thereby reduces its capacity. Subsequently, this leads to a faster discharge, and in some cases — to increase the likelihood of involuntary shutdown in the cold and even reduce the performance of the smartphone, unable to withstand power spikes processor.


Some manufacturers, recognizing the right of users to configure their smartphones, allow you to disable fast charging manually. To do this, go to “Settings” — “Battery”, find the parameter “Fast charging” and deactivate it by moving the toggle switch to the “off” position.”. Be careful: the names of the sections in the” Settings ” may vary depending on the version of the operating system, software and smartphone manufacturer.

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Why is the smartphone charging so slow

Another method is useful for those whose smartphones do not allow you to manually turn off the fast charging function. It’s even easier than the first. To use it, you will need to find an old charger — preferably 5-6 years ago, when no one has heard about fast charging-and use it to recharge the battery of your device. Due to the low power output, such a memory a priori will not be able to provide a supply of current sufficient for fast charging than will save the battery.


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