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This article presents the game from the section of new products and updates Google Play — Stickman Hook. Let’s see what the Google app store has to offer. The game, in truth, is quite interesting, but the questions is a huge amount of advertising. The fee for the opportunity to play the game for free, in my opinion, is too high. We can buy a subscription to music services, but why is there still no subscription to Google Play with the ability to play any games for free?

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Of course, the profit of game developers is much higher, but many of them are beginning to get impudent, embedding commercials after each round. For example, in Hook is. And it’s just some horror. It’s unclear why Google has no control over embedded ads.

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Moreover, advertising banners look just awful. They spoil the game interface. Developers also cunning, embedding two banners at the same time. The first button is located in the upper left corner and the second in the right corner. Thus, the chance that a user accidentally opens an advertising banner is extremely high. And it’s definitely annoying.

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Do I want to tell you about the features of the game after this advertising horror that happened to feel for yourself? Of course not. And the logic of the user is just that. Desire to one thing-immediately to remove Stickman Hook. I hope the next time the developers will take this issue more seriously, but for now as a payment for such a shortcoming, I will not in any way praise Hook and talk about gameplay features. Why? Because I follow the current feeling of spending time in the game.

Application: Stickman Hook
Developer: Maddox
Category: Arcade
Version: 2.2.1
Price: Free
Download: Google Play


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