Instagram for Android undergo useful update. What changed?

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Instagram developers are constantly working to improve the social platform. For example, in the second half of November, the team showed a new design that will improve interaction with other users and at the same time make personal profiles more beautiful. Business pages will become more convenient: subscribers will be able to contact representatives of the company or place an order without any problems. The development of the site continues — it’s time for even more intimate communication with friends.

The platform staff has prepared three useful innovations. About them told in the official blog of the company.

Musical history
Subscribers can now answer question stickers in stories using tracks from the music library. The scheme is simple: you ask your friends to suggest a composition for a certain mood or event. Subscribers share tracks, their variants are displayed in a separate list. Listen to the song will immediately. And if you like the song-you can create a photo or video with it in the background.

The corresponding icon is in the question creation menu.

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Improved lives
Now stickers with questions are available during the broadcasts-the authors will see what their subscribers are interested in. Responding to questions or requests will make communication closer and more useful. It looks like this.
Instagram-live Internet  Instagram for Android undergo useful update. What changed?

By the way, the audience will see the wording of the question, so there will be no awkwardness due to the transition between different topics.

The timer points
The collection of stickers was replenished with a countdown timer in the stories. For example, you can share the joy of the coming New year or tell subscribers how much you are waiting for pizza delivery. The date of the event specify during the creation of the sticker

Countdown Internet  Instagram for Android undergo useful update. What changed?

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