Hyundai cars can be run with a fingerprint

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Even 10-15 years ago, the fingerprint scanner could be seen in some spy Thriller in the scene where the entrance to the top-secret base is protected by this technology. Today, the fingerprint sensor is installed in almost every smartphone. But if this technology is so common in the world of electronics, why not go further? Apparently, something like this was the thinking of the engineers of the automaker Hyundai, replacing the usual elements of access auto fingerprint scanner.

Just want to note that we are talking about not only the starting mechanism of the car, but also about unlocking the door, which is very interesting, because the main difficulty lies in the fact that placing the sensor outside the cabin, engineers need to overcome a lot of difficulties: from weather and road conditions to the banal mechanical impact. The company itself in a recent press release called this technology “an intelligent system without key access”.

The South Korean automaker said that drivers will be able to open and close doors without a key, as well as start the engine. Each car will have two such sensors. The first is located outside the car, and the second near the steering wheel and is designed to run the machine. Moreover, if the car has several authorized users, the on-Board computer of the car will recognize each of them and automatically change the position of the chair, mirrors, steering wheel and other parameters for each specific driver.

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Many experts have already expressed their concerns about the safety of this technology, but Hyundai engineers claim that the probability of a false positive is 1:50,000, which is much more effective now common locks with a radio label.


The first car equipped with the new system will be an updated version of the Hyundai Santa Fe crossover, which will be released in the first half of 2019. However, only in the Chinese market. No information has yet been received on the release in other countries.

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