5G – phones on MWC 2019 – what is the difference between Samsung and LG

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2019 will be the year of launch of the fifth generation cellular networks. 5G will be one of the main technology topics of the coming year and the leaders of the high-tech industry are already preparing for the era of new mobile Internet speeds. According to the new report, two South Korean technology companies — Samsung and LG — will delight the public with 5g smartphones at MWC 2019, which will begin in late February next year. A very noticeable difference is expected between the innovative products of the two most famous mobile device vendors.

Artificial intelligence of mobile devices has become the most striking technological trend of 2018. In 2019, 5G will play this role. All leading vendors of smart phones are preparing to offer consumers devices with support for fifth-generation networks. It is expected that Samsung and LG will show their 5g-smartphones on MWC 2019, said Jordan (Jordan) on the pages of the resource gsmarena.com ahhh!

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5G-smartphone at MWC Samsung may 2019 to begin a new line of devices
According to” sources in the industry from South Korea”, Samsung and LG phones with 5G support will be presented during the MWC 2019 conference. In addition, companies will show other devices.

As previously reported, Samsung will present its flagship of the anniversary generation — Galaxy S10 in 2019. There will be at least three of them. The most powerful version will have four cameras on the back and a dual selfie camera. According to the sources, the 5g phone from Samsung will not be included in the model range of the Galaxy.it will probably start a new line of smart phones of the leading company in the market of This category of devices.

LG at MWC 2019 can present a version of the LG ThinQ G7 with support for 5G
LG will not only not start a new line, but will not even announce a completely different smartphone for the fifth generation networks. Its 5G device according to this message probably will be updated G7 LG ThinQ that can call LG G7+ ThinQ 5G or something like that. It is noted that the company considers 5G as an opportunity to strengthen its position in the smartphone market in 2020.


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