google updated Files Manager. What changed

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In early November, Google developers released an important update Files Go. The company’s corporate file manager lost the word “Go” in the title and at the same time received an updated look. The latter corresponded to the standards of the Material Theme: the space was painted white, and the icons became more trendy. More than a month has passed since then. Now Files gets a new update, which aims to improve the user experience.

It is worth noting that before this application was updated in late October. At that time, programmers increased the speed of data transfer to other users Files. The figure reached 500 megabits per second, while the connection speed was reduced to 5 seconds. Thanks to this send the necessary files get even faster.

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Now the possibilities of the program have become even wider, according to the Android Community. We are talking about support for USB OTG and display all the folders in the system. The latter feature should significantly simplify the search for the desired images, documents, video clips and other files.

USB OTG (on-the-go) is preferred by owners of smartphones who lack the amount of internal memory. With the help of technology, they connect external drives, flash drives and other suitable devices. The contents of the listed devices can now be seen inside Files.

The second innovation is a demonstration of the complete folder structure. The result can not compete with personal computers, but as close as possible to him. Work with files will become more productive.

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