WordPress 5.0: Features in the new version of the system

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15 November 2017 the company WordPress.org released a new version of WordPress 5.0 for collective editing.

According to the rules of the system, a month before the release of the new version, collective edits and bug fixes are closed, and the code for the introduction of new functions is frozen.

While such a freeze has not occurred, which means the planned release date of WordPress 5.0 in 2018, is not defined.

About WordPress 5.0

The fact is that a simple user can not get away from the new changes of the system and probably by the end of the year will have to switch to WordPress version 5.0, and behind it, and version 5.1.

According to the authors and some already available tools to be included in v5.0, the changes will be serious. The official statement on the new version sounds like this:

WordPress 5.0 will be the first “big” version of 2018, including a new editor codenamed “Gutenberg”.

To experience the scale of the expected changes in practice, you can try a working editor plugin called “Gutenberg”. It is this editor that will replace TinyMCE with WordPress 5.0.

Github plugin: https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg
The plugin page: https://wordpress.org/plugins/gutenberg/


gutenberg-448x145 Internet  WordPress 5.0: Features in the new version of the system

To say that Gutenberg will improve TinyMCE is to say nothing. The new editor fundamentally changes the approach to content creation.

Trying “Gutenberg” I had a feeling that I had seen it somewhere. No, not exactly that, but similar. After reading the negative comments of the developers on the editor page-understood. In SaaS designers, similar editors are designed for the consumer who has no idea about HTML, codes, and the internal structure of web pages.

gutenberg-redaktor-448x220 Internet  WordPress 5.0: Features in the new version of the system

By the way here is one review:

As a premium WordPress theme developer, I can say that this feature is not user friendly, you should take a look at premium page developers like Visual Composer or Elementor. Sorry for the 1 star, but it needs BIG improvements before it becomes part of WordPress.

I Gutenberg, yet, did not like and if it is no alternative to include in the core, it will be a shame for WordPress. In pursuit of conceptual novelty, the simplicity of the tools goes away, and getting used to the new editor will obviously take time.

I hope that the authors will put a check with the shutdown of the new editor, as they did with the code highlighting on version 4.9.

Gutenberg, on the other hand, is changing the way we create pages and posts. He will be able to replace one plug-ins shortcodes, page Builder and other tools for content design.

Not so scary

Fortunately, the authors of WordPress left us a maneuver to get used to the new editor. In version 4.9.8 they introduced an alternative to the new editor and from the admin panel gave the option to stay on the old editor using the Classic Editor plugin. Read more in the article here.

In conclusion, I want to wish myself, it is easier to relate to changes and look for positive moments in them. Let’s see what is good and bad WordPress 5.0. Jump with me it just will not work, and the new posts will have plenty. Sign.

But, if you found it difficult to post and you wish to get old editor (classic editor) activated. follow the steps below.

goto >Settings > Writting > Tick Classic Editor

classic-editor Internet  WordPress 5.0: Features in the new version of the system

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Updated: December 7, 2018 — 8:18 am

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