The new theory may explain 95% of the missing space

Scientists at Oxford University may have solved one of the biggest questions in modern physics: their new work combines dark matter and dark energy into a single phenomenon: a liquid with “negative mass”. If you try to push the negative mass away, it will accelerate in your direction. And this amazing new theory can also prove the correct prediction that Einstein made 100 years ago.

Currently, the widely accepted model of the Universe-lambda-CDM-tells us nothing about what dark matter and dark energy are physically. We only know about them because of the gravitational effects they have on other, observable matter.

Liquid with negative mass

The new model, published in Astronomy and Astrophysics by Jamie Farns of the Oxford center for electronic research, offers a new explanation. Farns says: “we now think that dark matter and dark energy can be combined into a liquid that has a ‘negative gravity’ that repels any other material around it. Although this matter itself will be extremely curious, it could confirm that our space is symmetrical in positive and negative qualities.”

The existence of negative matter was previously ruled out because it was thought that this material would become less dense as the Universe expanded, and this contradicts our observations that dark matter does not Deplete over time. However, Dr. Farns’s study uses a “creation tensor” that allows you to constantly create negative masses. It demonstrates that when more and more negative masses appear, this liquid with negative mass does not dilute as space expands. In fact, this liquid is identical to dark energy.

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Farns ‘ theory also gives the first correct predictions of the behavior of the dark matter halo. Most galaxies rotate so fast that they have to break apart, but they are held in place by the “halo” of dark matter.

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