Samsung blurs the line between flagships and state employees in the latest update

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For Samsung it is important not only the flagship smartphones and the company is proving it’s willing to keep improving the functionality of the devices mid and budget price segments. This is evidenced by the latest firmware update Galaxy A7, which brought support for video recording mode in Super Slow-motion at 960 frames per second. Previously, a similar feature was available only to owners of devices from the top segment.

At the time of publication, the update is available for download in countries such as Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ireland, Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria, and the Netherlands. As soon as Samsung is convinced that the distribution of the update goes according to the plan, and its installation does not bring problems to the work of compatible smartphones, the company will expand the geography of availability, including all other regions and Russia, including where the Galaxy A7 is relatively popular.

a7ssm Smartphones  Samsung blurs the line between flagships and state employees in the latest update

Galaxy A7 update-what’s new

In addition to the Super Slo-mo mode, the update includes the November security patch. It fixes a number of critical vulnerabilities that allow attackers to remotely execute arbitrary code on an affected device while accessing the contents of the drive. A month lag in the release of updates with bugfixes is common for Samsung, which, by the way, does not hurry with their adaptation even for flagship smartphones, not to mention more affordable.

Initially, the Super Slo-mo mode was presented as an exclusive feature of the Galaxy S9 and S9+, designed to emphasize the superiority of the camera of the flagship devices over last year’s smartphones. However, later the manufacturer revised its attitude to this function and began its distribution among the devices of the previous generation and even gadgets belonging to the middle price segment of the market.


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