Fortnite developer will launch its game store for Android

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Studio Epic Games is preparing to launch a brand store games for Mac and PC to compete with such colossus industry as Steam and Origin. It is reported by the resource GSMArena with reference to the official representatives of the company-the Creator of Fortnite. Some time after the launch of the desktop version of the marketplace, it is planned to launch a version for open mobile platforms that approve the installation of applications and games from alternative sources.

According to the concept of Epic Games, the Epic Store will be hosted as the company’s game studios, and the creation from developers. But if for PC and Mac users Epic Store will be just another online resource for the purchase of licensed titles, Android users will have a real alternative to Google Play, which risks being even more preferable option for users. There is at least one, but very good reason not to take into account that it is impossible.

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Why game developers will soon leave Google Play

The reason is the Commission. It is known that Google charges game and application developers 30% for each transaction within Google Play, which, according to the creators of the SOFTWARE, is extremely much. It is because of the size of the Commission Epic Games at the time refused to publish Fortnite for Android in the range of branded Google store, deciding to distribute its development independently through the official website.

If Epic Store will be popular, and the Studio really appoint a Commission of 12%, the developers, first published in Google Play, is likely to prefer the site Epic Games. In this case, Google runs the risk of huge losses, because most developers can get away from the search giant directory, and users will prefer to buy games where it is scary to run into a virus or fraudulent SOFTWARE, if you can also save money there.


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