Qualcomm launches 5G today

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Recently launched the third annual Qualcomm Tech Summit, where the company should announce not only the new Snapdragon 855 processor, but also to announce the main news and changes. The first day of the conference came to an end, and the editorial Board Hi-News.ru I prepared a short report on its results right from the scene.

It all started with the fact that the head of Qualcomm Cristiano Amon shared the company’s plans for 2019, especially those related to networks and devices with 5G support. The introduction of this technology will not only increase the network response time, but also provide more bandwidth and better coverage.

5G is already here

cristiano_amon_shows_off_the_worlds_first_5g-650x434 Technology  Qualcomm launches 5G today


Qualcomm is already discussing plans to deploy next-generation networks with major cellular operators (AT&T, Verizon). Ultimately, in the future, mobile devices will be able to connect to the Internet via 5G, 4G and Wi-Fi, and will help to promote the technology of Google, Samsung, OnePlus and other vendors who are already testing the appropriate equipment. Qualcomm said that currently 20 18 operators and OEMs have expressed interest in Qualcomm 5G.

At the presentation there was a demo version of the technology from AT&T and Verizon, showing hardware with support for 5G using the upcoming mobile platform Snapdragon 855 in various devices connected to the 5G network of the company.

Some details of the implementation of 5G is already known. Samsung has confirmed that in the first half of 2019 it will collaborate with Verizon to build a smartphone with 5G support. The new Samsung device will use the Qualcomm X50 modem, though it is still unclear what kind of smartphone it will be. The New Samsung Galaxy? But Samsung said its first phone with 5G would be a new standalone smartphone.

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By the way, Samsung has already brought a prototype of a 5G mobile device to the Snapdragon summit. It is also known that Lenovo and Motorola intend to launch 5G for their Motorola z3 smartphone around the same time using the X50 modem, and we expect to see a demonstration at the summit.

Qualcomm also showed off its 5g logo, which device manufacturers can already use. In 2019 we will see it many times:

Qualcomm575px-650x315 Technology  Qualcomm launches 5G today

Snapdragon 855

How the device will support 5G? To do this, Qualcomm announced its first chipset with 5G, Snapdragon 855 mobile processor. More information will be available tomorrow, but some details have already been reported.

shows_off_the_companys_new_snapdragon_855_mobile_platform_with_5g-650x433 Technology  Qualcomm launches 5G today

855 the mobile platform consists of two chips — the Snapdragon chipset 855 paired with a modem X50, which supports 5G connection. According to representatives of Qualcomm, this will be the first mobile platform with support for multi-Gigabit 5G. S855, according to Qualcomm, will have an advanced artificial intelligence system, as well as hardware for fast operation of virtual and augmented reality. The S855 uses the fifth-generation Qualcomm multi-core AI engine, which is 3 times the performance of the AI engine in the S845. Also, the new chip includes a separate vision vision processor (CV), which, according to the company, is the first in the industry and will help to improve the functions of photo and video.

It is obvious that the Snapdragon 855 chipset supports 4G, and the introduction of 5G was made possible through the use of modem X50. This means that there will be more space on the motherboard in smartphones: previously, manufacturers used only internal modems, which meant sacrificing space on the Board for other components (for example, batteries).

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In addition, Qualcomm spoke about 3D Sonic Sensor, an ultrasonic solution for fingerprint scanning. It can work directly under the display of a smartphone, tablet, and even a laptop, and with a larger scanning area than existing scanners. It was also stated that this technology can work even through safety glasses.

Screehot18-650x359 Technology  Qualcomm launches 5G today

There is still more interesting

Tomorrow Qualcomm will tell you much more about the Snapdragon 855 mobile platform, which not only has improved performance of the cores, but also advanced graphics, and was created on one of the last 7-nm processes. Soon about everything will tell!

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