The Chinese company presented a project of free satellite Internet for all

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Many large corporations like Facebook, SpaceX and Google have repeatedly stated that they are developing in the field of creating a global Internet that will provide access to the world wide web anywhere in the world. And recently it became known that this race is entering and China in the face of the company LinkSure Network, which experts say that by 2026 will be able to provide satellite Internet for all residents of the Earth. And completely free.

According to the editorial Board of ABC, LinkSure will launch 272 satellites into orbit of different heights to create a branched coating structure. In an interview with ABC, the press service of LinkSure Network noted the following:

“Our mission is to overcome the digital divide. We want to guarantee everyone the right to free access to the Internet.”

For the project the company is launching the program to launch satellites LinkSure Swarm, the first of which is simply the name LinkSure No. 1 must be started from the cosmodrome Jiuquan in Northwest China in 2019 aboard a Chinese Long March rockets. Ten more satellites will be put into orbit by 2020.

According to the 2017 United Nations report, about 3.9 billion people still do not have access to the Internet. And the first satellites of LinkSure will have to provide the Internet exactly those areas that have traditionally been outside the world wide web. According to the Executive Director of LinkSure Network Wang Jinin,

“There are still many places in the world where the Internet is not available. On Earth, there are many different types of landscape, like oceans, jungles or deserts, where the Internet infrastructure simply cannot be built, so we came up with the idea of launching a network of satellites. Our company invests at least 3 billion yuan (about $590 million US dollars) in the project. At the same time, despite the provision of free access, the project can pay off through partnership agreements and unique programs.”


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