How to get rich on mobile photography?

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If you take a lot of photos on your smartphone, you can make money on it. It sounds a little promotional, but it’s real. Just need to upload photos to one or more photo stocks. We made a small selection and are ready to share it.

First and foremost is to remember that for photostocks don’t always need perfect pictures. Many believe that without processing to the point where the picture loses all the original features of the picture will not sell. In fact, this is not the case. Each buyer will decorate and process the picture as it is necessary.

Now many photostocks do not even hold the entrance exam, as it was before. If the exam is still there, it is often very formal and is very easy to pass.

For even greater convenience of working with trading platforms, there are even special applications that allow you to upload photos directly from the device, as a social network.

SP_ZTE_Axon_9_Pro_01-650x433 Jobs Smartphones  How to get rich on mobile photography?

Promise that photostocks will bring you a lot of money at once, we will not. Of course, this is not true, but to try to sell a couple of photos for a few dollars or tens of dollars is quite possible even with a minimum set of skills and equipment. And there, as they say, who knows…

Probably, these are all the main points that should interest you in using such sites. If you are interested, below we will give some examples of stock photos, some of which we use ourselves in the editorial office.


Perhaps the most popular and causing great respect for the audience is the stock photo, which also has a Russified version of the site.

SP_ZTE_Shuterstock_02-650x335 Jobs Smartphones  How to get rich on mobile photography?

Shutterstock is the largest international platform that has existed since 2003 and offers photos, vector images, videos and even music.

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The entrance exam involves the provision of 10 works. If the service accepts at least one of them, it will be considered that you passed the exam. For further work you will need to provide a scan of the passport (you can passport) and adhere to the requirements for photos, which can be called minimal. However, it is worth noting that if there are people in the photos, you will need their consent to the placement. However, this rule is standard for most stock photos.

The downside of this photo Bank is that it offers images very cheaply by subscription. In such circumstances, the novice author to break through quite difficult. But Shutterstock is almost the record for the number of photos sold.


Another no less popular photostock will be, which appeared in 2004 and is mainly European, but has the support not only of the Russian language, but also the prices in rubles on the site.

SP_ZTE_dreamstime_01-650x390 Jobs Smartphones  How to get rich on mobile photography?

This photostock will be optimal for a beginner, as it does not imply an entrance exam and does not require a scan of the passport. Plus, the requirements for the quality of the material is not strict.

For a single sale of the image, the author receives up to 60% of the cost, and for the sale by subscription from one to two dollars. Not so much, but even that’s more than nothing. In addition, each purchase means that you have taken a photo that is not ashamed to show millions of eyes.


If you are not confused by exams and you are ready to share passport data, as in the case of, you can approach another photostock, whose name was heard even by those who are not engaged in photo — ahhh!

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SP_ZTE_depositphotos_01-650x342 Jobs Smartphones  How to get rich on mobile photography?

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The project started in 2009 and is significantly younger than the previous two examples. It was founded by a Ukrainian entrepreneur, which partly makes it more logical and understandable.

The minimum photo resolution requirement is less than 4 megapixels. Few shoots in a lower resolution. So before uploading, you’ll even have the option to crop your images if you want to hide some details on them.

SP_ZTE_depositphotos_02-650x381 Jobs Smartphones  How to get rich on mobile photography?

For buyers on the site there is a display of prices in rubles, and the authors receive different awards for achieving a certain number of downloads. These awards are expressed in increasing the rating of the author.


If you have already started talking about young stock photos, it is impossible not to mention the oldest or at least one of the oldest. They are founded in 2000 when the Internet was still very young.

SP_ZTE_istockphoto_01-650x303 Jobs Smartphones  How to get rich on mobile photography?

Here, too, there is an exam, while it involves three works on each type of content. Options content there are many. You can choose from photos, illustrations, video and audio.

If you have something to download, you can try to pass the exam, but if you are not ready to provide documents, this option is not for you. Here they need.

SP_ZTE_istockphoto_02-650x347 Jobs Smartphones  How to get rich on mobile photography?

For a beginner, perhaps, this photo will be more difficult than the previous ones, but, in General, the requirements are quite humane, and it is not as difficult to meet them at the proper level of desire as it may seem at first glance.


Now microstock is completely Russian, with all the ensuing consequences. The advantages include work in accordance with Russian legislation, support service in Russian, fully Russified site and the usual methods of payment and receiving money.

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SP_ZTE_Photogenica_01-650x333 Jobs Smartphones  How to get rich on mobile photography?

There are downsides. The main one is that the sale is conducted mainly in Russia. This can slightly reduce sales and lead to great competition, as we all know that Russia is not particularly fond of buying what you can find for free.

There are a lot of requirements to the images of the authors, but they are all quite feasible. Let’s say more, if the photo is just good, not oiled porridge from light sources, shot in the fall, it is likely to be accepted.

SP_ZTE_Photogenica_02-650x337 Jobs Smartphones  How to get rich on mobile photography?


As you can see, there are many options. In fact, we have not named a tenth of the existing photo banks. The above are basic and allow you to start selling photos even if they are taken on a smartphone.

Of course, a smartphone must be good for this. For example, if you bought ZTE Axon 9 Pro, you like the photos it takes, and you want to test yourself, then you have a direct road to photostocks. If you still think that you will not be able to sell your photos and do not do it, it is necessary to give the last argument.

Even before the advent of the Internet newspaper editors realized that the materials for publications easier to choose from ready-made libraries than to invite a special photographer who will ask a lot of money for their work.

The same scheme works now, just libraries have become electronic and went Online, and good photos are now needed significantly more people. To the editors of Newspapers were added by the admins of the sites, advertisers, artists, designers and many other professionals whose lives are linked with the images.



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