What legendary brand is Nokia preparing to revive

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The Finnish conglomerate HID Global, which owns the rights to the Nokia brand, intends to revive the PureView trademark, under the auspices of which the company’s branded camera phones were released. This is confirmed by the registration documents found in the database of the intellectual property Office of the European Union.

According to the regulator, on August 23, 2018, HID Global closed a deal to acquire the rights to the PureView brand from Microsoft, which owned it to date. This means that now HID Global represented by Nokia is not limited in its right to produce smartphones under the mentioned brand.

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Nokia PureView

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The first Nokia smartphone released under the PureView brand was the Nokia 808. Despite the 41-megapixel camera with the possibility of fivefold approximation without loss of quality, the device was quite controversial. In many ways, its popularity was hindered by the Symbian software platform, which was actually dead at the time of the Nokia 808 release in 2012.

Subsequently, Nokia, which at that time belonged to Microsoft, decided to put on stream the release of smartphones under the brand PureView. In total, the vendor released more than 10 devices, but only two of them had a camera with amazing resolution. Here are these machines:

– Nokia Lumia 920
– Nokia Lumia 925
– Nokia Lumia 928
– Nokia Lumia Icon
– Nokia Lumia 830
– Nokia Lumia 930
– Nokia Lumia 1020
– Nokia Lumia 1520
– Nokia Lumia 950
– Nokia Lumia 950 XL

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