The InSight earthquake sensor landed at a slight angle

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Sensor tremors (marzorati, so to speak) probe InSight arose on the Red planet at a slight angle. Experts hope that the spacecraft will work as expected. This was stated by official representatives of NASA. The nearly $ 1 billion InSight lander arrived on Mars on Monday and landed in the lava plain of Elysium Planitia for a two-year mission to better understand the processes that created the planet closest to Earth.

“The device sat slightly tilted (about 4 degrees) in a crater filled with fine dust and sand,” NASA said in a statement.

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Will InSight cope with its task?

InSight was designed to work on a surface with a slope of up to 15 degrees. Therefore, experts expect that its two main tools-a push sensor and a self — locking probe for measuring heat under the surface-will work correctly.

“We’re lucky,” says InSight project Manager Tom Hoffman. “There are no landing sites or runways on Mars, so the descent into the area, which is essentially a big sandbox with no big rocks, should make it easier to deploy the tool and provide a great place for our drill.”

the993millio-650x647 Science  The InSight earthquake sensor landed at a slight angle

The first images from the module showed only a few stones nearby, and that’s good news, as landing in a rocky terrain could make it difficult to deploy solar panels and instruments.

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More high-quality images will appear in the coming days, as soon as InSight get rid of the dust that settled on his two cameras.

“We are looking forward to higher resolution images to confirm this preliminary assessment,” says Bruce Banerdt, NASA’s leading InSight researcher.


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