Microsoft HoloLens helps the blind to detect doors, and the military-enemies

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Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality glasses, due to their high cost, are rarely used for entertainment. Developers they are available for $ 3,000, and ordinary users at times more expensive — for $ 5,000. At the same time, they provide great opportunities for creating augmented reality applications that are useful in many areas and even on the ISS. Engadget edition told how the helmet from Microsoft allows blind people to move to unfamiliar places, and the military — to detect enemies.

To help people with visual impairment, Caltech has developed a system called Cognitive Augmented Reality Assistant (CARA). It uses HoloLens helmet to detect objects: chairs, doors, walls and so on. The names of the surrounding objects are voiced in a synthesized voice-the closer a person gets to the object, the louder its name sounds.

The system can operate in three modes. The most intuitive option, the spotlight mode, sounds the name of the object only when a person looks directly in his direction. The scan mode makes it clear what the room looks like in General-the voice in turn calls the objects that surround the person, and specifies their location. The third mode, target, allows you to focus only on a specific subject.

To test the effectiveness of CARA, the developers offered several blind volunteers to walk around the Caltech office wearing HoloLens glasses. The system accurately warned of approaching the doors and helped them to reach the final point. The system clearly has great prospects: perhaps in the future it will help people navigate in huge stores or other buildings.

5c025a72b7134_maxresdefault Technology  Microsoft HoloLens helps the blind to detect doors, and the military-enemies

Microsoft HoloLens for military use

HoloLens glasses were previously used only for training soldiers, but will soon find a use even in real combat. According to Bloomberg, the us army is ready to sign a $ 480 million contract with Microsoft. Using hololens helmets, soldiers will be able to save their lives thanks to the accelerated detection of enemies.

It is noteworthy that other augmented reality devices, such as Magic Leap, were also considered for military use. The U.S. Department of defense was looking for a device that provided night vision and health control. How Microsoft HoloLens meets these requirements is still unknown.

For cooperation with the us Department of defense, Microsoft may be criticized. Google knows about it like no other — because of the criticism and protesting employees, it has already promised not to participate in the creation of weapons.


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