Flexible Windows smartphone. It’s definitely the OS

A number of interesting trends are expected to appear on the mobile market in 2019. We are talking about bendable smartphones and devices with 5G support. Almost all modern smart phones are running Android and iOS. The mobile version of Windows is now considered part of the past industry. But, as reported, the operating system from Microsoft will next year find a use in a foldable mobile device, but it will not be Windows Phone. In addition, it is possible that the replacement of Intel processors for surface laptops has already been found.

The Network has not appeared for a long time new messages about the upcoming release of a bendable Andromeda smartphone, but according to the book “Beneath a Surface”, the famous technology company in 2019 will be able to surprise users with an innovative device. It will be characterized by a very interesting hybrid functionality, says Ro (Ro) on the pages of the resource gsmarena.com with reference to tomsguide.com ahhh!

Bendable smartphone from Microsoft-running full Windows Flexible phone

2_Flexible_Phone-650x365 Smartphones Technology  Flexible Windows smartphone. It's definitely the OS

The book tells about the tablet, which can also be used as a phone. But it won’t run Windows Phone, which has actually become history for quite some time. As reported, the operating system of the new device will be a full version of Windows, the functionality of which will be reduced only slightly.

What devices will Microsoft introduce in 2019?

The book also discusses other plans of Microsoft for 2019. Light will see a number of devices from the software giant, developing the most popular operating system for computers. Among the new products expect-a new Xbox one console, surface laptops, which will find the use of AMD chips, not Intel. It is also expected to redesign SurfaceStudio and the announcement of the device with rounded corners of the screen, which will be a direct competitor to the iPad Pro 12.9. To charge it, the USB port will be used.

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