What budget headphones to choose?

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Wireless headphones have become very popular recently. Apple has certainly contributed here, but other manufacturers are trying to keep up, offering more affordable devices (which sometimes sound even better than the eminent competitor). Today — about some models of wireless headphones (and not only), which have the best value for money.

If you are looking for affordable Bluetooth headphones that could also perform the role of a headset, the best choice is this model from JBL. In-channel headphones provide decent sound insulation, built-in remote control will help control the playback, and with a quality microphone, the interlocutor will hear you even in a noisy place. Included are replaceable ear pads and branded charging cable. Well, we should not forget that it is JBL, and they certainly appreciate good sound know. For 1 790 rubles this is a really interesting option.

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JBL Everest 110BT is already more expensive, but here we have a premium model with aluminum headphones and special clips in the ear. Improved emitters give a very good sound, and a set of ear cushions included, allows you to” fit ” the headphones to the ear, which is very convenient. In addition, the charge is kept for a very long time — with everyday use on the way to work and back will last for 4 days, and this if you listen to music at maximum volume.

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But not only JBL is able to offer a high-quality wireless sound. XIAOMI Mi Sport is not only protected from moisture and sweat, but can work up to 7 hours without recharging, and the range is up to 10 meters. Ear mount someone may not appreciate, but the headphones are designed specifically to keep them held and not fall out, no matter what activity you are engaged.

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Surprisingly cool headphones turned out at HONOR, which offers a headset Sport AM61 for only 2,600 rubles, which is able to give a” light ” to many well-known manufacturers in the sound market. These are closed earbuds that support Bluetooth version 4.1, have a playback control panel, a microphone for talking and protection from water and sweat. The special design of the headphones and the movable coil provides rich, full-bodied bass sound.

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If we talk about wired headphones, the SENNHEISER IE4 is a great option for those who want to touch premium audio at minimal cost (about 3 thousand rubles). Headphones Sennheiser series IE are very popular all over the world and for good reason: they have a very good sound insulation, energetic bass and metal body. Many people use this model for many years, so that it has already established itself in the market. Yes, IE4 are demanding to the source, but if you connect to them something like FiiO X1, you will be pleasantly surprised by the sound quality. Headphones are compatible with all gadgets and operating systems, and complete you will find three additional pairs of removable ear pads of different sizes for maximum comfort.

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As you can see, the world of wireless headphones is not limited to AirPods, and you can find a model for every taste and budget. However, if for you in the first place is the sound quality, you should pay attention to the wired headphones.


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