Scientists have figured out how to create a pill from obesity

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Everyone knows that as a” reserve stock ” in our body there is adipose tissue. However, this very fabric we have as much as 2 types: the so-called white fat and brown fat. If the first-these are the same fat layers that retain nutrients, the second is just involved in the burning of calories and energy production. And a team of researchers from Cambridge University has found a way to improve the efficiency of fat burning with just one substance.

Let’s take a closer look at how it works. Both white and brown fat are stored by adipocyte cells. But brown fat adipocytes are much more rich in mitochondria. There are so many of them that with the full activation of only 100 grams of brown fat, it is possible to burn up to 3,400 kilocalories per day (and this is even more than the recommended daily diet for most people). The only problem is that brown fat in our body is very small, and that there is still need to somehow activate. There is, of course, one “natural” way — to put a person in the cold. It is thanks to this that bears hibernate and survive in the winter. But they have a lot of brown fat, and a person is not just a little: with age, the amount of brown fat is reduced to very very small indicators.

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Back in 2012, a team led by Professor Tony Pooch of Cambridge University isolated the BMP8b molecule, which regulates the activation of brown fat in both the brain and body tissues. Scientists have shown that removing the gene in mice that produces this protein has stopped the functioning of brown fat.

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According to new data published in the journal Nature Communications, a group of researchers 6 years later proved that the increase in the amount of BMP8b in the blood accelerates the production of brown fat. This suggests that BMP8b can potentially be used to increase the amount of brown fat and its activation. As explained by the author of Tony pooch,

“There have been many studies that have found molecules that promote the development of brown fat, but simply increasing its amount will not give anything. It should be turned on. It’s like taking a litre engine out of a car and putting a two-litre engine in its place. Theoretically, the car can go faster, but if you only have a tiny fuel pipe — it won’t do much good. Figuratively speaking, BMP8b and increases the size of the engine, and improves the fuel system.»


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Updated: November 29, 2018 — 2:25 am

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