DJI introduced an action camera Osmo Pocket which has no analogues

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The days when you had to use huge cameras to shoot video are long gone. The devices have been getting smaller from year to year, and now DJI has introduced an amazing Osmo Pocket camera that fits easily in your pocket. At its minimum size, it is equipped with everything you need to shoot professional-level video: a mechanical stabilizer, a display to control the shooting process and, of course, the camera itself with support for 4K-video.

According to the manufacturer, a mechanical stabilizer with three axes copes with image alignment much better than electronic systems. On the body there is a tiny 1-inch display — it is necessary to control the shooting process and apply settings. If necessary, you can connect your smartphone to the device and use it as an additional, more informative display.

The novelty is equipped with an improved version of the camera used in the DJI Mavic Air drone. It shoots at 12 megapixels and is equipped with a 1/2, 3-inch CMOS sensor. The lens has a focal length of 26 mm, aperture f / 2.0 and a viewing angle of 80 degrees. The maximum video resolution is 4K at 60 frames per second (fps) and 100 Mbps (bitrate).

Software plays a significant role in the creation of professional videos. Many functions moved from the DJI drones, for example, the mode ActiveTrack to track moving objects. FaceTrack’s intelligent system recognizes faces and holds them in the middle of the frame. Also has an interesting Motion Lapse mode, which shoots timelapses directly during the movement of the camera.

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To empower Osmo Pocket you can use branded accessories DJI. For example, waterproof housing, ND filters to ensure natural color reproduction by blocking the incoming light into the lens and the case with the charging function. By the way, the battery life of the camera is 140 minutes.

Finally, it should be noted the low price of DJI Osmo Pocket-it is equal to 349 dollars. The company has already started accepting pre-orders, the start of sales is scheduled for December 15.


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