Panasonic starts selling the ideal mobile phone for Old People

That for 25-year – old hipster-joy, it may not like his grandparents. While Samsung and Apple are working on new products for technogics, Panasonic decided to take care of the older generation and released a simple, reliable and practical mobile phone KX-TU150. Now the model “for grandmothers” can be purchased in Russia.

Panasonic starts selling the ideal mobile phone for the elderly Ones

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The main advantages of the KX-TU150 are ergonomic design, large 2.4-inch color display, large contrast backlit buttons and emergency call button. By pressing the special key Easy Mobile you can call one of the five most important subscribers. If one of the callers is not available or does not answer, the next call in the list starts automatically. The speakerphone mode is automatically activated if the user cannot hold the phone.

Another important feature of the device is its compatibility with hearing AIDS. Everything else KX-TU150 is equipped with a long-lasting battery capacity of 1400 mAh, which will allow the phone to function in standby mode without recharging for a month. With frequent conversations, the battery will last at least 6 hours. The manufacturer has not forgotten about Bluetooth and camera. However, the camera is only 0.3 megapixels.

The estimated cost of the Japanese “grandma’s” according to the media will be 2 990 rubles.

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