On the ISS found bacteria that are not afraid of antibiotics

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The human body is replete with a variety of bacteria — they can not be completely eliminated, even using the most powerful methods of sterilization. Therefore, bacteria will in any case live even in the cleanest and most actively protected areas such as the Board of the International space station. During the next inspection of the ISS, the researchers found that on Board live rod-shaped bacteria Enterobacter, which is not only dangerous to humans and resistant to antibiotics.

Microbiologists from NASA’s jet propulsion laboratory regularly take samples of the microbes on Board the station. Their goal is to learn how cosmic radiation, high concentrations of carbon dioxide and weightlessness affect the life and spread of microbes.

During one of the toilet and gym tests, they found several strains of Enterobacter bugandensis bacteria. They are as similar as possible to a group of microbes recently discovered on Earth. They were the cause of diseases in newborns and people with reduced immunity-the victims were hospitalized in East Africa, Washington and Colorado.

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Samples in which bacteria were found were collected in 2015. Since then, three years have passed, and during this time the astronauts painful symptoms were not found. At the moment, their health is not in danger, but there is still a small risk. Microbiologists found that the bacteria are resistant to antibiotics, which include penicillin, cefoxitin and oxacillin.

Computer modeling has shown that the risk of their transformation into a pathogen for diseases in astronauts is 79%. The researchers intend to conduct more research and develop preventive methods against possible diseases.

Fortunately, in September 2018, researchers from Genentech have already begun to develop antibiotics capable of coping with even the most resistant viruses. However, it should be borne in mind that to create a full-fledged drug will require a lot of time.


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