Flexible smartphones: breakthrough or one-day gadget?

Just two manufacturers this month announced the creation of folding smartphones with flexible display. And one of the producers was technogiant Samsung and it is expected that smartphones with a brand new form factor will go on General sale in the first half of 2019. But can this be called a breakthrough or a new trend?

In the last decade, thanks to Apple and its iPhone, the market is dominated by the form factor known in the industry as” candy bar ” (chocolate bar). Last week Samsung presented Infiniti Flex Display – the concept of the smartphone-tablet of the future. While about a device known not so much and at the moment of theobservatory the manufacturer a lot of questions, including the question of potential new products.

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Opinions differ. Some columnists are optimistic and confident that the collapsing gadget will be a breakthrough and set a new trend. Others with skepticism note that while the novelty is seen as “heavy”, not very convenient and too expensive. There is an interesting version that the fashion for such a device will pass quickly. As the reviewers remind, in 2007 there were a lot of models with bizarre and even exotic shapes on the market, starting with the Motorola Razr flip-phone and ending with the N93 with Nokia mini-video camera. With the advent of the iPhone, the world learned about the wise philosophy of Steve jobs: the rejection of the buttons allowed to create a device that became a “slate” for application developers. The philosophy of jobs was relevant as long as manufacturers are able to produce gadgets with a sufficiently large screen, but not too difficult to use. Now the companies have reached a kind of “growth ceiling”, but can the form factor of the collapsing smartphone-tablet be the way out?

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In 2019, such a compact novelty “three in one” (smartphone-tablet-laptop) can really make an impression, but if you look to the future, it is likely the concept is hopelessly outdated in just a couple of years. Writer Paul Ford describes the future of information technology as follows: “Computers will no longer have much value, because they are small and cheap to be built everywhere. Maybe I will use a personal computer in the office, but mostly I will tell the headphones what music I want to listen to and at the same time use the headphones as a wallet. Or I’ll wear a small wallet with a display, and my shoes will signal my headphones to change the song depending on the pace of walking. I’m going to be a walking cloud platform with lots of devices and a lot of hard drive.”

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