Jezero crater is able to reveal the secret of life on Mars

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Mars Rovers Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity previously found evidence that many years ago on Mars could exist life. NASA Agency is interested in studying this hypothesis — this is what a new Rover called Mars 2020 will do in two years. He will focus on the past of the planet and will not waste time searching for real life. The Agency has already chosen a place where the device will be able to get the most interesting data — a Jezero crater, located North of the equator.

The depth of the crater is 500 meters and the diameter is 45 kilometers. It is believed that once it was the Delta of the river. According to one of the participants of the Mars 2020 project Ken Farley, water flows could leave traces that can reveal details about the development of the planet and its possible inhabitants. For 3.6 billion years in these rocks could accumulate a lot of interesting remains.

Crater, Jezero

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Jezero crater interested NASA in 2012 – he was considered as a candidate for the landing site of the Rover Curiosity. Astronomers did not dare to put the device on its surface because of the abundance of different breeds. For example, the Rover could get bogged down in loose sand, slide down the slope or get stuck among the rocks.

In 2018, the degree of risk has decreased significantly due to new technologies. According to one of employees of NASA Thomas Zurbuchen, before landing, Mars 2020 will photograph the surface, to compare the received frames with a map and, if necessary, to change its location. Nevertheless, the risk is still there — the thin atmosphere of the planet was the cause of many failures. For example, in 2016, the European space Agency apparatus Schiaparelli crashed into the surface of Mars.

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Work to ensure a soft landing on Mars is ongoing. On November 26, NASA will test the InSight landing module – the mission will be broadcast in real time.

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