“Test Tube Meat” Received US Approval

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Literally on Friday, the US government agreed on how to regulate food products that are cultured from animal cells. This paves the way for so-called “test-tube meat” in American plates. That and look, reaches us too if history moves on a spiral. The Ministry of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have agreed to jointly regulate food from cultured cells.

Although the technical details have yet to be clarified, the FDA will monitor the collection and differentiation of cells – when stem cells develop into specialized cells – while the USDA will control the production and labeling of food products.

Test tube meat – in a plate

“This regulatory framework will use both the FDA’s experience in regulating cell culture technology and living biosystems, as well as the experience of the US Department of Agriculture in regulating livestock and poultry products for human consumption,” said the statement. They also add that the agencies do not see the need to change the legislation on these issues.

There are already a few niche start-ups for the production of “laboratory meat” in the US, but the production costs are very high and no one has a product ready for sale.

Proponents of “tube meat” claim that ridding animals of the suffering associated with slaughter will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions – and will provide a growing population of protein.

It remains only to agree with the farms on what products can be called “meat”. It can be expected that together with the FDA approval, the technology for the production of laboratory meat will be supported in further distribution (after all, what is not prohibited is allowed).

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