The commercial of Lexus ES created by artificial intelligence and Oscar-winning director

Japanese car maker Toyota Motors intends to present the European version of its business sedan Lexus ES. To emphasize their desire for innovation, the company decided to approach the creation of a presentation video with maximum creativity. Thus, the creation of the video was entrusted to artificial intelligence: it generated a storyline and script. Oscar-winning filmmaker Kevin MacDonald took up the movie.

The video is called “Managed by Intuition” and lasts only 60 seconds. Everything that happens in the frame is the result of the work of artificial intelligence created on the IBM Watson platform. It was developed by Visual Voice in collaboration with The & Partnership in London.

The baseline data for machine learning has become a database of videos advertising other premium product segments. To achieve the highest quality, the developers selected only award-winning projects. Also, artificial intelligence used data on the preferences of viewers and “data on human intuition.”

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Director Kevin MacDonald took up the movie. Films like The Last King of Scotland and Whitney were shot under his direction. In 2000, his documentary “Once Upon a Time in September” won the Academy Award.

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The premiere of the movie “Managed by Intuition” was held on November 15 in the UK. The editors of the Hi-News website attended the presentation, but the video can only be shown to the public on November 19. It will also be available on social networks and on the Lexus YouTube channel.

Recall that in March 2018, the editors interviewed the chief engineer of Lexus UX. Then he said that they intend to show their first unmanned vehicle in 2020. Also in May, we conducted a test drive of a Lexus NX car, driving it from Zurich to Milan.

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