Nokia introduced new phone for 8,200 Naira

Not only powerful flagships are represented on the modern market. Among users, and now there is a high demand for devices with more modest characteristics and prices. The legendary Nokia brand managed to surprise the public by announcing a phone without a camera designed for the global market, the price of which is also pleasantly pleasing. However, the phone in question is intended primarily for those users who prefer the ability to charge the device as rarely as possible to numerous functions.

HMD Global introduced the button phone Nokia 106. For this budget model, only basic functions are characteristic, it doesn’t even have a camera, Abdullah notes, considering the new product on resource pages.

Nokia 106 (2018) will work from the battery till 21 days

4_Nokia-106-2018-650x453 Phone Review & Spec  Nokia introduced new phone for 8,200 Naira

Its main function, which is emphasized by the vendor, is long-term operation of the device from the battery without recharge. The energy reserve in the Nokia 106 battery is enough for 15.7 hours of telephone communication. In standby mode, the phone will work for 21 days. The new phone from the legendary brand is equipped with a removable battery, the capacity of which is 800 mAh. Under the battery is a slot for two cards of Mini-SIM format.

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240_F_30151723_m3flucHvkLAcucQc3my2Yb2bXMo8egDH Phone Review & Spec  Nokia introduced new phone for 8,200 Naira

Specifications Nokia 106 (2018)

Nokia 106 equipped with a 1.8-inch QQVGA-display. MediaTek 6261D became the processor with 4 MB of RAM. The device is characterized by the support of FM-radio, for the use of which you will need headphones that are connected to a 3.5 mm audio jack. Nokia 106 memory is enough to save 2,000 contacts and 500 text messages.

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5_Nokia-106-2018-650x533 Phone Review & Spec  Nokia introduced new phone for 8,200 Naira

The classic game Snake (Snake Xenzia), as well as the trial version of Nitro Racing, Danger Dash, Tetris, and some other games are preinstalled. The novelty is equipped with a built-in flashlight. The smartphone is charged via the Micro USB port.

The dimensions of the phone (in millimeters) are 111.15 (height) x 49.5 (width) x 14.4 (thickness). The considered device weighs 70.2 grams. Nokia 106 (2018) will be offered to consumers in a dark gray color. Its sales in the global market will begin next week at a price of $ 20.

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