What smartphones of the future need and what Google will do for them

Samsung has recently introduced the public to the previously considered bendable mobile device, combining the advantages of a smartphone and a tablet. Moreover, it was also reported that the development of the interface of the novelty will be carried out by Samsung together with Google. Since the moment of transition from smartphone mode to tablet mode and vice versa appears in the new form factor, it is important for users that this switch be carried out comfortably, which requires software refinement.

On the Android platform today, various devices are working, not just smartphones, which, of course, the most popular. With the beginning of the era of bendable smart phones, Google adds support for a new form factor and, thus, ensures comfortable operation of the operating system it develops on future devices. Samsung and Google are working together on the new One User Interface UI for Samsung smart phones, said Ro (Ro) on the gsmarena.com resource pages with a link to android-developers.googleblog.com.

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Google implements continuous playback of content on folding phones when switching from smartphone mode to tablet mode

Developers will now be able to focus on creating apps for the next generation of devices. In Android will be implemented what is called “continuity” – the transition to the playback of content will be carried out without interruption when deploying the device. And this is very important, for example, when watching videos.

What brands in 2019 waiting for bendable smartphones

It is also noted that the bendable smartphones will be released to the market not only by Samsung. It is expected that such brands as Huawei, LG, Oppo, Lenovo and Motorola will also please fans of innovative devices with similar products. They are expected to begin to appear next year, which will undoubtedly be an important step in the development of the most dynamic industry of our time.

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