The first electric motorcycle Harley-Davidson on sale from 2019th. What will it be?

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Four years after the first show of the concept, the famous company Harley-Davidson has finally presented its electric motorcycle. The announcement took place at the motor show EICMA, held in Italy. Almost ready for mass production, the electric bike was named Harley-Davidson LiveWire. Orders for a new product will be accepted from next year. For a company like Harley-Davidson, famous primarily for its motorcycles running on traditional fuel, the transition to electrification is a very big step, but at the same time, it will attract new interest in the brand and add to its portfolio with new models.

To stimulate sales, the company intends to install at all dealers’ shops, which will sell the electric bike, charging stations of the 2nd level (it produces 7 kW of power, operating from a current of 30A and with a voltage of 240 Volt).

harley-livewire-1-650x434 Gaming Technology  The first electric motorcycle Harley-Davidson on sale from 2019th. What will it be?

Unfortunately, the company didn’t say anything about the price of a motorcycle, as well as about its modifications and the reserves of its progress. However, it is known that the motorcycle will operate on the base of an electric motor with permanent magnets, which will be located at the lowest point of the vehicle frame to lower the center of gravity, which will contribute to better handling at various speeds as well as braking.

LiveWire will get two batteries. The core will consist of lithium-ion cells enclosed in a cast aluminum case. An additional 12-volt battery will be used to power the headlights, digital control, beep, and instrument display.

The bike can be charged with the help of chargers of the 1st level (equipped with alternating current up to 16A, have a voltage of 120 V and can give a maximum of 1.92 kW of power). The charging slot is located under the seat of the motorcycle. For faster charging, support is provided for charging stations of the 2nd and 3rd level, as well as DC Fast Charge (DCFC), SAE J1772 (for the USA), and CCS2 – IEC type 2 standards for the international market.

harley-livewire-4-650x434 Gaming Technology  The first electric motorcycle Harley-Davidson on sale from 2019th. What will it be?

LiveWire will offer seven ride modes, three of which can be customized manually. Basically, these modes relate to the setting of high-tech suspension Shows. In addition, the motorcycle is equipped with a customizable color digital display, located above the wheel. You can connect to it via Bluetooth, controlling navigation, music and other functions.

Since the motorcycle is electric, he, of course, does not have the famous “Harley” exhaust sound. To correct this assumption, Harley-Davidson has equipped an electric bike with speakers, from which a characteristic “growl” will be heard with a set speed. It is made also for the sake of security. Silent electric vehicles can create an even higher level of danger for those pedestrians who may simply not be heard. The company added that the new sound “represents the smooth electrical power of a LiveWire motorcycle.”harley-livewire-2-650x434 Gaming Technology  The first electric motorcycle Harley-Davidson on sale from 2019th. What will it be?

Among other things, it should be noted the use of Brembo Monoblock brake calipers and 300 mm dual brake discs. The electric bike is also equipped with anti-lock and anti-skid systems, which are already included as standard.

Harley-Davidson reports that additional information about the LiveWire electric motorcycle will appear closer to the beginning of pre-orders for the new product, which will be received in January 2019.

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