Google might replace local SMS?

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There are many applications for text communication – instant messengers. Nevertheless, as a standard text-messaging tool in the Google-developed Android operating system, SMS is still used. Pretty soon a new standard of text communication developed by the search giant may appear. What can it become and what is the difference from iMessage for iPhone?

Google makes significant changes in how the Android operating system works with text messaging. And this is seen on the Web as the search giant’s efforts to compete directly with Apple’s iMessage. The new message was discussed in more detail on the pages of the resource in the Hollis Johnson article.
RCS instead of SMS. What are the differences?

The Messages application from Google, which is a standard text-messaging application in the popular Android mobile operating system, as reported with reference to, will be called “Chat”. As part of the software update, it will be possible to send higher quality photos, longer text messages, and a number of other features that enhance the interactivity of communication between users of the most widely used operating system for smartphones.

Today, the Android operating system uses standard SMS text messages. This format is characterized by a number of restrictions – on the number of letters in the message and multimedia (photo, video), which are very compressed and look less impressive than users would like.

With the advent of Chat, the text-based communication of users of the Android operating system will become more similar to that characteristic of Apple’s iMessage, an application that many users like very much.

New features designed for text messages in the Android operating system will be available to users through the use of a new standard for text messages – RCS (“rich communications services”), or, more precisely, “Universal Profile for Rich Communication Services “(” universal profile for communication services with wide capabilities “). If we describe the principle of operation of the new standard briefly, then it suffices to say that RCS will, like Apple’s iMessage, work with data networks, and not with the telephone networks used for traditional SMS text messages. This means that RCS messages will be sent within the scope of the data transmission provided by the user’s tariff plan, and not the SMS volume.

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Chat will not become a new standard text-messaging application for Android OS, but rather a set of additional functions. At the same time, an important feature is noted – Chat is a service of the operator, not a service of Google. The search giant, therefore, creates not just a new messenger, but a new standard for text messages.

RCS will be sent only to devices that support the new standard

Moreover, as reported additionally, Google is working on the implementation of RCS with a number of prominent vendors in the market of smartphones. Among them are Samsung, LG, Huawei and HTC.

What does this mean? If, for example, a Pixel user sends a message to a Samsung Galaxy S9 user, an RCS message will be transmitted with all the advantages of the new format. If the message is sent from Pixel to the user of the device, who is not supported by RCS, the message will be sent as a standard SMS. IMessage works in a similar way, sending regular SMS messages to Android users.
IPhone RCS support not yet expected

It is also noted that Apple today is not among the vendors of mobile devices that support the RCS format. And that means the iPhone may not support RCS. Additionally, it is reported that RCS messages will not be as secure as iMessage messages – they will not use end-to-end encryption, which is an obstacle for those who did not intend to read the message.
Will Android devices become more attractive with RCS?

It should be noted that we are not talking about technology that will be implemented in the very near future. According to the message in question, a new text message format will appear in the Android operating system only next year.

Today, top-end smartphones running Android OS are quite expensive devices, and sometimes they cost more than a thousand US dollars. A modern Android phone can have a great screen, enthralling the camera and a capacious built-in drive, but it still uses the text message format, the foundation of which was formed in the era of push-button phones.

And many users have always viewed this as a flaw in the most popular operating system for mobile devices. After all, in the meantime, iPhone users have long enjoyed the advanced text-based communication features of the iMessage application. Google has spent almost a decade to find a solution and offer its alternative to third-party messengers.


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Updated: November 5, 2018 — 12:48 am

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