New Google feature for users without Internet

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If there is no Internet or it is far from always, then now, thanks to a new feature implemented by Google, it is still possible to take advantage of a number of important advantages for which modern users highly appreciate smart phones. Developing the most popular mobile OS – Android and having recently announced its new version, Android P, Google remembers the functionality that may be needed by billions of users without access to the Web.

A new feature has been added to Google’s Chrome Android browser.

Google has added a new and useful feature to its Chrome browser for its Android mobile operating system, which can be downloaded from Google Play. It will allow the browser to store on the device when it is connected to the Internet, content, including news articles. In this way, the user will be able to read the saved content offline. In more detail, the new feature of the popular mobile browser was reviewed by Himanshu (Himanshu) on the pages of the resource with a link to the Google India Blog publication.

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As the company explains in a blog, when a user’s device is connected to free Wi-Fi, the Chrome web browser will automatically download relevant articles based on what content is most popular in a particular location. Thus, in order to read the content, it will be sufficient only periodic access to the web.
How to use Google Chrome for Android without the Internet?

[Google Chrome]


If the user logged into Chrome using his account, the content will also be selected based on the user’s navigation history. Previously downloaded content can be read by the user when it is convenient for him, even if there is no connection to the web. Thus, the number of tasks for which a smartphone may be useful is being expanded, which today is seen mainly as a device that needs access to the Web.

Google notes that the feature in question focuses on the markets of the “next billion users” (Next Billion Users) and will be available to users in 100 markets, including India, Nigeria, Indonesia and Brazil.

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