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Prayertitus Huge Traffic Strategy

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Prayertitus Huge Traffic Strategy

Hi Geeks, am glad to drop this bulk. The title of this post is not SEO friendly, yeah I just want it to be unique. 0% of website owners aims at receiving no or little visitors on their website. Website traffic is the amount of visitors or guest which visits or patronize your website. So the major work and aim of website owners is how to get more audience into their website.

Some People forge ahead by buying traffic from adnetworks, by sponsoring their website on facebook, by paying for google adword all in the name of traffic. Well, am going to teach you numerous strategy, Tricks, Tips and Crook ways of getting huge traffic into your website. Please Mind My points don’t  mind my English! Happy reading.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Yeah! SEO is the first thing to talk about. Having unique contents and well optimized website, Following SEO Cores and Guidelines (keywords, Backlink, Target Country etc.). Talking about search engines, we have numerous list of them but there are just 4 main search engines in which other search engines depends on they are: Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu. For more Information and how to optimize your website please click here.
  2. Social Network Sharing: There is no how we can talk about various ways in which we can drive huge traffic into our website/blog without talking about social networks. Great population of this world (even bots) finds internet something they can’t do without. So in this case, we must look for the best online community where with cool traffic that can as well dash us some since we had thousands if not millions of social websites/ online communities. That’s why IFTTT an online application by Google in a separated company. Can easily help us to share our website/blog contents to all popular social networks. Read more about IFTTT here.

Talking about Social Networks where you can share your articles, am going to talk about 3 top social networks that can really help you.  I will choose Pintrest as number One. See reasons.


  1. When You Share Articles to Pinterest, Visitors from all part of the world will come across your Pins in fact you will be amazed as they save your Pins.
  2. Your Posts on Pinterest Will show on Google. Due to the high page rank of pinterest.

Iii     You will have, Extra backlinks that will help you boost the rank of the posts they you shared on pinterest. (pinterest has numerous domains and subdomains based on country)


  1. No doubt Google+ Plays vital role in website traffic. Sharing your post to Google+ can earn you huge visitors.
  2. If you want Google to index your posts quickly then you need to share them to Google+


  1. This Post is teaching you how to drive huge traffic to your website free of charge but for you to get huge visitors from facebook, you need to sponsor the post by paying some due. But don’t be panic I have cheats on how to get huge visitors from facebook free of charge by following below steps.
  2. (1) Create facebook page for your website (2) Join facebook groups with huge members (3) Share your Post to your facebook page (4) Launch facebook lite on your android Phone and visit your page. (5) share the post to the group you joined one by one.

Facebook Traffic Precaution:

  1. Do not spam or else facebook will blacklist your web URL
  2. Make sure you confirm if the page allows link or else the admin may report your link as spam.
  • Make sure that the contents you share to the group is related to the group discussions and it must interest the members.


  1. Keyword Monitoring Theft:

  Back to SEO discussion, you know I said it earlier that the best way to get huge traffic from search engines. Keyword is the word or phrase which users use to find what they are looking for from google, bing, yandex, baidu etc.

Am going to teach you three (3) ways whereby you can steal keywords from search engines and other websites.

  1. Supercounters: (smile.) some bad niggas that tracks and steal keywords with supercounters are smilling right now. Goto any website that uses Supercounters widget click the online button or image like below. Prayertitus Huge Traffic Strategy SEO Tricks Web Development  webmaster tools Prayertitus Huge Traffic Strategy How to Drive Huge Traffic To website By Prayertitus Backlink

        Click Referrer > you will see the search queries that drives users to the website all from search engines > you can now try and get those contents to your website but make sure it tallies with your website niche.

  1. Search Engine Related Queries: Almost all search engine gat these feature. Search Real Football 2018 on Google. You will see Related Searches like image below. Prayertitus Huge Traffic Strategy SEO Tricks Web Development  webmaster tools Prayertitus Huge Traffic Strategy How to Drive Huge Traffic To website By Prayertitus Backlink

  • Content Spy: you can go to websites that resembles your website. Go to their popular posts, (I don’t Encourage Copy and Paste) Try and get similar contents in the popular posts to your website. You can also go to Alexa and other keyword spying websites.


  1. Backlink Strategy:

Backlink is one of the major factors that search engines especially Google uses in ranking website

How? Having your website URL in great websites with good SEO will make Googlebot See your website also as a great website and thus rank your website high. Backlink also make search engine bots to index your website faster because they will branch into your website while crawling those websites that contain your links.  Am going to talk much and snappy on these because my friends do ask me of backlink tricks.

  1. Be Alive in Other Blogs/Forums: Do not feel too big to branch other peoples blogs even your deadly competitors, Make sure you drop nice comments and don’t make it look like a spam always let it tally with the Post you are commenting on. There is always an input area where you can input your site URL so far the blog is wordpress as we all know that 90% of blogs nowadays are hosted on wordpress. Doing this will make Googlebot to shift some rank factor from that website to your website.
  2. Deform HTML IF POSSIBLE: Some website will find all means in disallowing you from posting your links to their websites. But you can try HTML deformation. In their search box, drop “/></form><a href=””></a> in the search box and hit submit button. In the output page you can be lucky to see the output as link > copy the page URL and shorten it > submit it to google.
  • Use Prayertitus Spam Technique: go to websites especially all those youtube grabber websites that display recent searches: > in the input area type always visit then search it. > you will see what you searched last at recent searches > copy the page URL > Paste it inside image code <img src=”PASTE THE URL HERE”/> > add the code to your site footer. (Whenever people visits your website, the thing will automatically search. and your visitors will increase.
  1. Prank Google for Quick Backlink: I have three ways by which you can quickly use Google to fetch backlinks.
  2. In Google, search any word and add comment by html comment boxe. Olamide Comment by HTML box > go to the websites in the result and add your URL as comment (make sure you add http://www).
  3. Search for inurl:’.com/site_guestbook.xhtm’ then access the website and add your URL in bbcode format [url=]nice website[/url] in the comment section.
  • If you want to get backlink from any wordpress website quickly, search a word and add name email website e. Davido fia remix name email website. Go there and add your website by commenting as humans not bots J
  1. v. Ultimate Backlink: the best way to track all your competitor’s backlink > go to > enter your competitors URL and scan out their backlinks > Follow the links and add yours.

That’s all for now… Follow the steps above and watch your business going viral on the internet. You can follow me on twitter @prayertitus, intergram @prayertitus, whatsapp at +2348138087082. If you feel like hiring me to do some SEO or other Website Job you can always reach me via the details above. Thanks for reading. Comment is welcomed while spam is trashed.



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