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All about Topbuzz and how to make money on it

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ALL ABOUT TOPBUZZ AND HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON IT All about Topbuzz and how to make money on it technology  Topbuzz Reviews Topbuzz Cheats Topbuzz Social Media How to Make money online with topbuzz About Topbuzz

Hi geeks, there is a trending song outside on almost all social networks. Let’s talk about the song, it’s all about rapping and how to rap. A rapper must focus on three main things while forming raps which are rhymes, punch line, tally lines and many more. Let me explain them.

It’s a raw fact that audience and fans love to listen to rhymes and punch lines in rap songs. A good one can make their head swell up and end up smiling that’s not all the characteristics of good rap though, the lines of the rap must tally with what the rapper his saying in order to earn him more wow! Otherwise, fans spirit will turn down let me give example.

Yoh yoh when will you LEARN

Yoh yoh when will you EARN

You spent all your innocent data on all social NETWORK.

You spent your whole life searching for celebrities NETWORHT

You learnt that Dangote’s money is very very rOBUST

If you want to earn money and become your own BOSS

Then You must read this cool article about tOPBUZZ

Yoh yoh prayertitus in the building, yeah let’s stop here BROS.

Now back to the matter, you feel somehow because of the digression? Well, as a geek we have various way of tendering articles to our users in fact, am still on point (tally lines). I promise to always give you special openings on any article related to money. Say money! Oh my God say it very well. 😀 lolz.

A week ago, I started seen posts and screenshots about topbuzz. But I ignored it all. But today, all my friends (80% are website owners) were hyping and talking about topbuzz one of them even said “my savior has come. Up topbuzz”. That’s why I made up my mind to do some research on it.


Topbuzz is an online community where posts and videos is been shared to public and money is earned in return. The more audience view on a post or video, the more the earnings.


GET HUGE MONEY BY POSTING ARTICLES: you can get nice earnings by posting contents that will interest users. Hmmm am sure bloggers will like it and topbuzz can also turn a non blogger to blogger. But I suggest that you can post jokes, motivating articles etc. if you don’t have much idea in blogging but as a blogger I don’t need to tell you what you should do.

GET HUGE MONEY BY POSTING VIDEOS: are you a comedian or a joker? Youtube is not the only way you can get paid for your videos Topbuzz is a bonus for your earnings so far you can raise audience and nice post views you are good to go. If you are not a comedian, you can also post funny skits of comedians but make sure you don’t violate their copy right because if you are reported on copyright issues about three times, Topbuzz might deduct your earnings.


Am not sure how topbuzz works but guess they are trying to build great and large community with great contents from users (me and you). Big companies advertise with them and they pay their users from it. Well as a blogger posting to topbuzz is cute and posting on your own blog is also cool so far you get paid in both way.

Conclusion: since we know that it cost mountains before adsense can approve a website or blog and most of Nigeria ad networks are shakushaku (quack). Why don’t you try out one of adsense alternatives and make your own money online all in topbuzz.

I hope this post helped you, if so, try and drop a comment.

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