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Real Football 2012 2013 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 Cheats

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Real Football An Overview

Description Real Football is an exciting mobile game for phones! Join David Villa, Messi, C. Ronaldo and others, to enjoy the best simulation on mobile.
With improved graphics and animations, cleaner menus and many games modes and Bluetooth multiplayer, you’ll enjoy everything that makes soccer so great.
imagine entering a true-to-life football atmosphere that features more livelier seemly real stadiums and new customizable goal celebrations. You can even choose from European national teams to African and Asia teams and lead your squad to glory, from the qualifying round to the final.


*True soccer atmosphere with improved graphics, animations, cleaner menus and livelier stadiums.
* With over 240 teams and hundreds of real players in 9 leagues thanks to the FIFPro license that was granted.
*Many game modes including cups, leagues and a history mode to play the most epic games of the past including carear mode where you’ve to guild your player.
* Pick a European national team, play the qualifying round score your way to victory!
* Play against friends locally via Bluetooth and climb the RS League leaderboard by playing a season.
* Tons of achievements to earn dynamic loading screens with trivia to test your soccer knowledge

Real Football 2012/2013 Game Tips

1. In The Main Menu Press 24462 to activate ML mode 2. In Club Master/Enter The Legend Mode: Press 2468 to activate tricks mode and to win Everything.
Note. You must activate “ML” mode first.
3. In The Game: After activating ML mode Press Right Soft Key to get a secret menu named Hand Of God.
4. CPU vs CPU/Legend mode: On main menu, press */# to toggle these modes.



1. Run the game i.e open the game you want to play

2.When u get to the game menu where u will see friendly and other option,gently press 24462 on ur mobile keypad.Immediately cheat mode will be activated.You can use it when playing in the friendly,cup and challenge mode.

3.You can press # key if u want to choose the type of game u want to play e.g cpu vs cpu

4.Choose your team and the cpu team then proceed to the game proper.After u must have passed the ball,press the key above ur red button i.e right soft key.9 diffrent type of cheats will appear,choose one and it will function with immediate effect

That is for cup,challenge and friendly matches.

For Enter the Legend,click on it and when u get to the menu of your enter the legend 2468 and u will be given 250 point to increase your player ability

For Master League,click on it and when u get to the menu of your master league game,press 2468 and u will be given $650,000 to buy player

Try it and see codites is on point.Please drop your testimony

Game By Screen:

(128×128, 128×160, 176×208, 176×220, 240×320, 240×400, 320×240, 360×640, 480×800 and others
Devices supported All Nokia, Samsung, and other Java/symbian phones(some features are not available for symbian and other OS)
Best for all Java Phones.


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