How To Run A Blog Effectively Without A Laptop/Computer

Well I decided to put up this lucrative article as a result of some doubts among newbie bloggers or wannabe bloggers who think blogging is too much a task to handle and also must require a special tool such as a laptop.

It is a fact crystal clear to everyone reading this that blogging is done with a laptop but no one said it cannot be done otherwise, take note.

I wouldn’t mean to say blogging is easy, no “its way harder than anyone could imagine”

Speaking of blogging in the easy term means blogging for the fun of it. But when we should understand that blogging is hard is when we have to blog for monetization.

Now, a question popped up yesterday from an article I published. The question read “Can I blog without a laptop?”

Wow I was astonished as I saw this question and I knew I needed to answer this question in details and so to clear the air.

The said question received several negative answers from several people as to bring down the morale of who asked the meaningful question but I am taking out time to answer this.

Before I proceed, I will wish to ask my own version of the same question;

“Can I whatsapp with my smart phone?”

Of course this is a silly question to ask right? Then I presume the former question was no less silly.

Note: when I started blogging I started out with my smartphone MOTOROLA HDRAZAR 3.

Why You Must Blog With any Device

If you ever had passion for blogging but not having a laptop is the fact limiting you, then I suggest you do not have any problem at all. If we can understand better, smartphones are better at some handy social media platforms like whatsapp, Facebook, Nimbuzz and several others, then why can’t it be good to blog with?

Without further ado, I would like to explain the detailed steps to blogging without a laptop but with simply a smartphone.

Follow these guides explained below;

STEP 1: Get a smartphone

The reason I said get a smartphone is because some people may not have smartphones but will have the passion for blogging. To those who already have a smartphone, keep at it and wait for the second step. Make sure your smartphone is built in with 3GB ram at least and a large memory space for data saving.

Some smartphones have little data space and low RAM, maybe 1GB RAM.

STEP 2: Get a good Sim with good network coverage

Get a good Sim with a good service support in your area.

Sometimes, service issues limit some people from blogging be it as you may be blogging with a laptop or phone. So it is immensely advised you get a Sim with a good network coverage around you.

With this you will escape the hitchup with network and fraustrations that come alongside it.

STEP 3: Get a good data plan

This is the part where most people fail.

Blogging with either laptop or phone must call for data usage and when I say data I mean huge data. If you are a Nigerian and you reside in major cities with good network coverage, I advise you go for GLO as they offer the cheapest data.

You can start out your journey with at least #1200 subscription for 1.5GB for MTN and AIRTEL.

Note: this is not social medias you could buy goodybags for this operation calls for real data.

STEP 4: Get a good web browsing platform/application

Several android phones come with them Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox but if you do not have any of these go ahead and download them. You can also download the internet explorer or the safari if you’re using an Apple iPhone.

These high end browsers allows you to see your website from a different perspective and better than the Opera Mini Browser which sometimes hides cookies and doesn’t display all websites contents.

When this is done you can not move to the next step.

STEP 5: Start out your blog

At this point you’re as good as anything to start publishing.

This is where you have to select where you wish to publish and the platform you’re using. Basically, we have the two best blogging platforns,

. The wordpress

. The Blogger

If you’re using the wordpress platform, go to any of the browsers and type in and login using username and password.

On the blogger platform, makse sure your gmail is signed in on the browser then enter and your blog will appear and you’re good to go.

Wrap up

Running a website without a laptop is as easy as ABC, with this detailed guide I suppose you can now run a website using your smartphone and see your blog grow. Several pro bloggers today started their journey with their smartphones, an example is the admin
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