How To cancel already Sent Friend Requests On Facebook

For some reasons you might have sent a friend request to someone else on Facebook accidentally or you sent a friend request to someone you knew and he / she refuses to confirm the request. You can easily cancel those sent requests.
I am sure you know or you might not know that Facebook bans a user from sending friend requests if too many of them where not confirmed. And i am quite sure you wouldn’t want to find yourself in sure situation.
Cancel sent facebook friend request
In other to avoid your account from being banned, you need to be conscious of who you send friend request to. So that in-case you find out they didn’t accept your request, you can easily cancel it. Really cool huh?
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Normally, this function is only applicable to computer users but there’s a way you tweak it so that if you re using opera-mini you can always perform this function.

How To cancel Sent Facebook Friend Requests On computer

  1. View the person’s profile you’ve sent a friend request to,
  2. Scroll down to the end of the page, at the left side, you will find cancel friend request.
  3. Click on it and its done. ASAP!
To confirm this, go back to the person’s page and you will see ‘add as friend‘ instead of ‘Friend Request sent‘.
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