Download facebook messenger java .jar Android apk

While surfing through a friends phone today Nokia C3(java) to be precize, i stumbled on a facebook chat messenger which allows you chat with your online facebook friends using your mobile device. The application messenger looked kinda interesting tho it looked more or less like the ebuddy chat messenger for facebook but kinda profession.
The facebook chat messenger when launched for the first time, demands that you input your facebook username and password as illustrated in the image below:
Facebook%2Bchat%2Bmessenger Uncategorized  Download facebook messenger java .jar Android apk
When you are done inputing the username and password, the application tends the run, thereby displaying logging in and other images.
When connected, your online friends up and you can then chat with whoever you want.
This facebook chat messenger (jar) is originally developed by Msonar, but when i visited the Msonar app page, i realised that the facebook chat messenger wasn’t free so i had to do a research for the free version of facebook chat and i was able to get it.

Below is a screenshot of what the facebook chat messenger jar for mobile look like
facebook-chat Uncategorized  Download facebook messenger java .jar Android apk
The facebook chat messenger can be used also on pc computer and blackberry, tho not sure if it can work on ANDROID and Iphone but they too have their own versions.
To Download this messenger, simply click this facebook chat download pageand click on the download option at the page.
Hope you enjoy this chat messenger?

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