Sandstone OnePlus 5T gets a heartfelt teaser

Sandstone OnePlus 5T gets a heartfelt teaser

Remember those rumors about a sandstone version of the OnePlus 5T? Well, they are 100% accurate, as OnePlus has just published a teaser that basically confirms the new device.

That unique texture that customers could enjoy when buying a sandstone smartphone seems to be very popular among OnePlus fans. To emphasize the passion built around this particular version of its products, OnePlus released a hearty teaser that reproduces some of the most endearing statements about the sandstone texture.

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As expected, many customers bought their first OnePlus smartphone because of the sandstone texture. Others, praise the grip and how easy it is to handle such a phone.

The last message comes directly from OnePlus and reads: “We listened.” That’s clearing an indication that OnePlus plans to launch another sandstone smartphone very soon. Speaking of which, rumor has it an official announcement could go live as early as January 5, but the teaser doesn’t give us any hints (sadly).
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