LG G7 rumor round-up: Specs, design, features, all we know so far

LG G7 rumor round-up: Specs, design, features, all we know so far
One of last year’s most underrated devices, the LG G6, is in for a timely replacement very soon as LG normally showcases its flagship devices at the prolific MWC trade show in Barcelona, Spain, which is normally the stage at which many a high-profile devices get announced and demoed. 

There’s no reason to believe this won’t be the case this year, too, as the rivalry between LG and Samsung is gradually getting more and more heated. Quite understandable, given that both have been outsmarting each other with every high-end phone generation.

As the G7 is just around the corner, we thought it would be beneficial for all to summarize all we know about the device right here in this piece. Let’s go!


1. Design2. Display3. Camera4. Hardware
5. Price and release date

Disclaimer: It recently became clear that LG could be rebranding its flagship series and retiring the “G” name. Until we have further information about a possible new name for the company’s next flagship, we’ll refer to it as the “LG G7” in this piece.


The LG G6 was among the very first devices with a tall 18:9 display and streamlined look that we now refer to as “bezel-less design”. The V30 built upon that spectacularly, too. Naturally, we widely expect that the G7 will continue the trend and the leaks out there so far seem to corroborate this notion. While no credible leaked pictures and insider info have given us a sneak peek at the upcoming device just yet, assuming that the G7 will be closely styled after the G6 and even the V30 is a safe assumption. 

As far as build materials are considered, it’s also safe to assume that glass and metal will be used a lot, with glass making up not only the front but the rear of the phone as well. The reason for this is the wireless charging that LG would most definitely throw inside the US version of the device. As you might imagine, a metal frame would be keeping everything neatly together.

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Is the V30 'donating' its looks to the G7?

Water-resistance and quite possibly military-grade shatter-resistance are two other rather possible features of the LG G7. Of course, we say that because the G6 had those two in its feature list.

When it comes to audio and ports (oh, you know we are talking about 3.5mm audio jacks, don’t you), there’s not enough info yet. Taking LG’s love for Hi-Fi audio into account, it would make a ton of sense for the G7 to also come with some sort of high-quality DAC for superb Hi-Fi audio functionality on board. However, this doesn’t imply that a 3.5mm audio jack would definitely be making an appearance – it really is up to LG to decide whether the traditional output would be present or not. LG hasn’t gone the USB Type-C-only way so far, but this doesn’t mean things can’t change with the G7.


LG G7 rumor round-up: Specs, design, features, all we know so far

As we mentioned above, the G7 is most certainly inheriting the same general display as the G6. Thus, a FullVision 18:9 screen will most certainly make the rounds.

It’s definitely going to be a Quad HD unit, that’s almost granted, but now that LG has played with AMOLED displays like the one on the V30, there’s no telling whether LG will go for an LCD or an AMOLED display. 

If the latter option gets chosen, we really hope that LG employs higher-quality displays that don’t exhibit the same quality shortcomings the LG V30 is notorious for – sadly, this was one of the main issues that marred the V30.

It’s also quite plausible that the display will be compliant with the Dolby Vision and HDR10 standard, which is slowly but steadily becoming a standard for flagship devices. Knowing LG, we wouldn’t be surprised if it throws in yet another wider color gamut support on the G7. 


No surprises here – just as the G6 and the G5 before it, the G7 is most certainly inheriting a dual-camera setup at the back as this signature hardware element has been a staple and a hallmark for the South Korean maker’s flagships. A regular and a wide-lens cameras have been the default setup for generations of LG devices, spanning to the V-series as well. It’s also worth noting that LG remains the only high-profile device manufacturer that keeps using wide-angle cameras, as just about anyone else has already moved to longer telephoto solutions for advanced portraiture.

LG G7 rumor round-up: Specs, design, features, all we know so far

There’s a pretty good possibility that the G7 might take a ton of cues from the LG V30, which had the widest aperture at the time – f/1.6. It was collecting light towards a 16MP sensor, whereas the 13MP wide-angle camera had an f/1.9 aperture. Of course, hardware makes up merely half the equation as software is equally important, and LG had done a commendable job at eking the most out of the sensors.

Now, there’s no proof or indication that the G7 would employ the very same setup, but we have a hunch that could be the case given how well-rounded the V30 setup is. Of course, there’s always the case with of getting outside one’s zone of comfort, meaning that LG could theoretically come up with something new and a lot more exciting in less than two month or so. 

One thing is for sure – we are eager to see what LG is prepping!

LG G7 rumor round-up: Specs, design, features, all we know so far


Last year, LG had the misfortune of suffering from Samsung’s ambition, which had it hoard the initial batch of Snapdragon 835 chips, forcing LG to put the nimble, but morally-old Snapdragon 821 inside the G6. Fortunately for LG, this might not be the case for 2018 as numerous reports claim that Samsung hasn’t been able to secure exclusivity over the new Snapdragon 845. 

Of course, that one is the prime candidate for making the LG G7 tick and click.

Comprising four cores running at 2.85GHz and another four efficient ones clocked at 1.8GHz, the Snapdragon 845 is built on a 10nm manufacturing process and is supposed to be way faster and more power-efficient than its predecessor, which is always welcome. LG’s top-tier phones are not exactly known for their battery endurance, so a more efficient chipset will most certainly help the G7 last longer on a single charge while offering unprecedented performance. 

Snapdragon 845 vs Snapdragon 835 comparison

RAM & storage

There are no rumors yet how much RAM the G7 will boast, but it’s safe to say that 4GB of  the stuff is the bare minimum. From there on, LG could really go with 6 or even 8GB if it wants to compete with the most spec’d-out devices out there. Same goes for storage – 64GB is already the standard for flagship phones, and it’s a safe bet to assume the G7 will come with at least that much native storage inside.

Price and release date

For the past couple of years, LG has usually announced its flagships at the MWC trade show in Barcelona, normally on the day before the event kicks off. This year, MWC starts on February 26, so the LG G7 is most certainly becoming official on, you guessed it, February 25. This is an educated guess that will most certainly turn out to be true, so circle your calendars.

As far as pricing goes, we expect to see the LG G7 priced anywhere between $700 – $800. The LG G6 had a $699 price tag at launch but quickly lost a ton of its value due to one reason or another, so the absolute bare minimum that the LG G7 is going to be priced is, logically, $699. There’s no way LG is pricing its next flagship any lower given that that, and yet it could still command a rather stomachable price tag for the hardware you will get. 

Finally, a release date for the LG G7 should be anywhere in the March-April time window, with South Korea naturally getting it first and the rest of the key global markets following suit.
source: phonearena


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