Will display aspect ratio affect your buying decisions in 2018?

2017 brought us some pretty amazing phones and an entirely new form-factor and aspect ratio. Since manufacturers wanted to reduce all bezels — sides, top, and bottom — they introduced this new, elongated ratio (ranging from 18:9 to 19.5:9), making phone displays taller and more immersive. But then again, 16:9 is still pretty much the standard when it comes to online media, so it’s a bit awkward when watching letterboxed t:YouTube clips on your extra-wide phone screen.

So, some people like the new step, while others insist that 16:9 is good enough and there’s no need to go in the ultra-wide territory. Also, the latter group of people happens to enjoy a phone that has a chin and maybe even a home button / fingerprint scanner. While most phone manufacturers are embracing the new standard and making not only flagships, but also mid-range phones with elongated displays, we can definitely see how some might decide to stay back in 16:9 territory to fill that niche and please traditionalists (*ahem* Sony?).

But does it really matter? Is the screen aspect ratio something that you would put as a primary concern when making a new phone buying decision? Or are you ready to overlook the display’s proportions for the right phone?

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