Samsung reportedly working on a Chrome OS tablet with high-end CPU and camera

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samsung-news-1 Uncategorized  Samsung reportedly working on a Chrome OS tablet with high-end CPU and camera
Samsung is reportedly hard at work on a new Surface-style, detachable tablet, codenamed “Nautilus”, which will be powered by Google’s Chrome OS. What’s more interesting, is that Samsung is apparently not aiming for the high-end, not holding back in the hardware department, even when it comes to the camera. That’s interesting, considering how Chromebooks have never had great cameras (not that anyone’s complaining).

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According to Engadget, “Nautilus” will be powered by a 7th gen Intel Core CPU, much like the competition from Microsoft, and will also employ a Sony IMX258 sensor in its main camera. That’s the same sensor that LG used in the LG G6, which is pretty surprising, considering that Chrome OS-powered devices have never had strong camera game. In fact, the best camera you can find on a Chromebook right now is a 720p shooter with very limited capabilities, notes Chrome Unboxed.

Clues about the “Nautilus” tablet have been spotted by ChromeUnboxed in a commit in the Chromium repository. However, there is no info yet as to when Samsung may officially reveal the tablet. CES is just around the corner, but it is somewhat unlikely that Samsung will unveil the tablet then.

source: Chrome Unboxed via Engadget

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