Prisma surpasses 50 million downloads in the Google Play Store, do you still use it?


has just joined the esteemed group of Android apps that have been
downloaded more than 50 million times. Initially launched on the iOS
platform, Prisma made its debut in the Google Play Store back in July 2016.

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less than one year and a half, Prisma exceeded the 50 million downloads
mark, an impressive achievement coming from such a small company. Even
though it’s one of the most popular Android apps, we can’t help but
wonder how many of you are still using Prisma to turn your photos into
awesome artworks.

One of the reasons Prisma became an instant hit
was the algorithm used by the developer to transform pictures into
artworks using the styles of famous artists such as Picasso and Munk.
Over the next several months after its launch, Prisma gained lots of
filters that could be applied to users’ photos.

However, now that
the magic of being the first to offer such a service is likely gone,
many might have stopped using Prisma. Despite losing users, something
that happens with most mobile apps over the years, Prisma still managed
to surpass 50 million downloads, and that’s just on the Android

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