Snapchat takes a New Year’s Eve siesta as app goes down

If you tried to send out New Year’s Eve messages to friends and family via Snapchat this afternoon, you might have noticed that something went wrong and your message was never sent. The messaging apphas been down since 4:43pm EST, according to website DownDetector. The graph also showed that a surge in complaints to a peak number of 2,889 took place after 5pm EST.

35% of those complaining about Snapchat today, report having trouble sending snaps. The same amount are having issues receiving snaps or refreshing the site. And 28% report that the app is having trouble starting, and when it does start, it crashes. The outage map shows a heavy concentration of complaints made in the Northeast area of the U.S. Also affected are Snapchat users in Florida and in California. In Europe, Snapchat users in the U.K. have had problems with the messaging app.

The graphs show that the number of complaints is now falling, which indicates that Snapchat is slowly, but surely, fixing the problem. Hopefully the app returns to normal just in time for users to wish everyone Happy New Year. 

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