17 most memorable best Iphone, Android mobile games of 2017

17 most memorable mobile games of 2017
As 2017 is winding down to a close, we take a look back at 17 of the most memorable iPhone and Android games of 2017.
mobile game arena is a vast space and there are hundreds of great
games, so it’s hard to pick the very best ones as you risk to make a
mile-long list or simply not including a lot of titles. So rather than
trying to figure out the very best, we have summed up the 17 most
memorable games from a slightly subjective point of view.
What is not subjective about these games is their quality: all of them are outstanding and you will not regret playing them.
get those fingers in shape because those games will put them to work.
With no further ado, here is our list of the 17 most memorable mobile
games of 2017.


$5, Download on iOS
gorgeous hand-drawn puzzle game with an original story that surprises
with the possibilities of story telling in a 2 x 2 grid on a mobile

Grid Autosport

$10, Download on iOS
lush graphics bring some of the most powerful cars on the planet to
life in Grid Autosport. Console-grade graffics in a racing game.

Beat Street

Free, Download on iOS | Android
Beat Street brings back that intense arcade brawler feeling in an action game with retro, pixel art style.

Cat Quest

$2 | Free, Download on iOS | Android
A charming indie role-playing game about cats, dungeons and loot in a huge open world.

Splitter Critters

$3, Download on iOS | Android
New puzzle mechanics in a dangerously splitting world, where you send critters back to their spaceship with a flick of a finger.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Free, Download on iOS | Android
has masterfully brought its strategy-RPG mix Fire Emblem Heroes to
mobile. Develop heroes on a mission to save the Kingdom of Askr from
greedy Emblian Empire.

Death Road to Canada

$10, Download on iOS | Android
Road to Canada is a Randomly Generated Road Trip Action-RPG, where you
are the leader of a group of jerks that explores cities, finds weird
people, and faces up to 500 zombies at once. Everything’s randomized:
locations, events, survivor personalities and skills.

Slayaway Camp

$3, Download on iOS | Android
A puzzle game where you take control over Skullface, a psycho slasher on a diabolical quest to slaughter campers.

Arena of Valor

Free, Download on iOS | Android
5v5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, where you explore and
command a roster of over 40 fearless heroes and build the perfect team
to crush your opponents in battle.

HQ Live Trivia

Free, Download on iOS
The Live Trivia game that has taken over the nation. Tune in live trivia to win real money. Coming soon to Android as well.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Free, Download on iOS | Android
card game where you embark on an epic journey to the fabled Clockwork
City filled with danger, wonder, and riches beyond imagination.


$5, Download on iOS
mesmerizing puzzle game where you draw paths to guide flocking spirits
towards their home planets. Watch and play a stunning world that emerges
and transforms in live motion.


Free, Download on iOS | Android
arcade game with fun two-layer controls where you play a dragon that
burns everything in its path. Jump, fly and charge with the left-side
screen controls and spit fireballs with the right side.

Modern Combat Versus

Free, Download on iOS | Android
most popular first-person shooter on mobile returns in 2017 with the
multiplayer Versus game. Choose to be a skilled run ‘n’ gun attacker or
covert assassin, but make sure your team wins.


$2, Download on iOS | Android
A puzzle game about controlling and manipulating the flow of time in a strange, captivating, alien world.

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

Free, Download on iOS | Android
An addictive battle bot constructor that brings you on the cruel bot-fight arena. Built a strong machine and kill your enemies.

Stranger Things: The Game

Free, Download on iOS | Android
game after the TV series is a pixel art adventure with Hopper and the
kids set in Hawkins, Indiana. The game is built as if it was 1984 and
it’s just like what the heroes would have played then.

Playdead’s Inside

Free, Download on iOS
An indie puzzle-platformer artwork in a cinematic style and with attentively polished details


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