Apple apologises for slowing older iPhones down

Apple apologises for slowing older iPhones down

The company now says it will replace batteries for less and will
issue software in 2018 so customers can monitor their phone’s battery
Some customers had long suspected the company slowed older iPhones to encourage customers to upgrade.
Apple admitted slowing some phones with ageing batteries but said it was to “prolong the life” of the devices.
In a statement posted on its website,
the firm said it would reduce the price of an out-of-warranty battery
replacement from $79 to $29 in the US for anyone with an iPhone 6 or
later. In the UK the prices will drop from £79 to £25.

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It said it was pushing ahead with measures to “address customers’
concerns, to recognise their loyalty and to regain the trust of anyone
who may have doubted Apple’s intentions”.
“At Apple, our
customers’ trust means everything to us. We will never stop working to
earn and maintain it. We are able to do the work we love only because of
your faith and support – and we will never forget that or take it for
granted,” it said.
The firm has had eight separate lawsuits in the US filed against it over the matter, and had also been facing additional legal action in Israel and France.
Apple acknowledged earlier this month that it does deliberately slow down some models of the iPhone as they age.

It said it had made changes to the iOS operating system to manage
ageing lithium-ion batteries in some devices, because the batteries’
performance diminishes over time.
“Lithium-ion batteries become
less capable of supplying peak current demands when in cold conditions,
[when they] have a low battery charge or as they age over time, which
can result in the device unexpectedly shutting down to protect its
electronic components,” the company said.

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