When I like a video on youtube post it to blogger – ifttt

Post New Like Video Youtube to Blogger & Tumblr

Hello, am here with another mega post as one of my plan is to make impossibilities possible on t:blogger/t:blogspot. We all know that t:wordpress is far better than blogger yet I Can assure you that blogger is also a very nice blogging platform.

with t:IFTTT you can now do more with blogger or how do you feel when you go to t:youtube and found a very cool video, you like it and it automatically post to your blogger blog? you are doubting? yes its possible.

actually, thats what I want to teach you how todo via this post.
there are numerous applets for blogspot provided by ifttt

how to connect youtube to blogger

to connect youtube to blogger, click here > you will have to login or register > alow ifttt to gain access to your blogger and youtube account > you will see and applet titled Post New Like Video
Youtube to Blogger
& Tumblr
click it or click here something like image below will show.

When I like a video on youtube post it to blogger - ifttt

that’s the applet, click it and turn on

Click below banner for quick download

Download now (quick server)

all you have to do is go to youtube.com like any video you love, it will auto post to blogger.com blog.

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