Things To consider While Choosing a perfect domain name

Registering a domain is an easy task, but most of the
people are not aware of the process of registration. If you have chosen a
domain name, then check it on the ‘whois’ to know, if anyone else has
not registered it, and if it is available to you, then register the
domain as soon as possible. Make sure that your domain name is a
memorable one. Mostly the best domain names had been taken already by
the sites.
Avoid the trademarked names, it is unethical and
also the companies, who have spent plenty of time and money on creating
and building their brands, are now trying to get their names back. The
pending legislation would soon make it very hard to register the
trademarked name of someone else. 6YH
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A memorable domain name is the best one, because
it sticks in the mind. A perfect business name is a nice choice. If you
choose a phrase or sequence of the words that describes your product, is
also a good one, for example,
The domain names that arouse a visual image can
also be used as these are easy to remember, like
Short names are much better than the longer names, but if adding the
length makes is more memorable, then you can choose the longer one. You
should make sure that your domain name is easy to pronounce, and soon
you will hear people talking about your domain name many times a day, in
conversation, on the phone, or in other radio ads. It is better to
avoid the name that only works in print, and also needs to be spelled
out when spoken aloud to be understood.

You should be wary of selecting a domain
name that contains the homophones, for example –, and, all sound exactly alike, but these are
three different websites. Do not use the shady characters, spaces are
never allowed, and also the name can’t start or end with a dash. The
length can up to 63 characters. You should make sure that you are
dealing with a trustworthy and reliable domain registration service

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