How to make money By selling domain names

Selling domain names can be quite profitable for
webmasters. This is particularly the case if the webmaster sells a
domain name that has an existing line of traffic. In these situations
domain names can generate thousands of dollars for their webmasters.
There have even been domain name names that allowed webmasters to
collect millions in profit. With a little bit of basic knowledge, you
can emulate such success for yourself. This article will provide that
information through an easy to follow t:step-by-step guide.
First, you will need to find a search engine
keyword that is highly searched yet not used much by other websites.
You can do this by using a keyword analyzer. The best keyword t:analyzers
are those that you pay for, such as Word Tracker or t:Keyword Analyzer.
The reason why these are preferable over free ones is because they let
you know how much competition you are facing with a potential keyword.
Free ones only tell you how much the keyword has been searched. If
money is a problem, try to get a paid keyword analyzer that is offering a
free sample, such as Word Tracker. You can upgrade to the paid version
once you return profit from the sale of your domain name.
With your keyword chosen, you will need to get a
domain name and web hosting. Why do you need web hosting if you’re
going to sell just the domain name? It’s because you’re going to need a
website to drive traffic to that domain name. Without a website
visitors won’t want to return to whatever domain name you selected.
This lessens the main element that gives a domain name profitability:
Anyway, try to get a package that will include
both web hosting and a domain name at the same time, since you won’t
have to worry about transferring anything later. When you choose your
domain name, make sure you include your selected keyword in its
phrasing. If you find that your selected keyword is taken as a domain
name, try making alterations like saying “a1”, “123” or “101.” For
example, say the keyword “Careers” is taken as a domain name. You could
say “A1 Careers,” “Careers 123” or “Careers 101.” Alternatively, you
could try searching for a related keyword that isn’t taken as a domain
name. Either way, keep trying until you get a memorable yet
keyword-rich domain name that still has a .com extension.
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Now, you will need to create a website for your
domain name. It doesn’t have to be big… even a one-pager could do the
trick, if you don’t mind a website so simple. Write an article related
to the keyword you chose and create a simple site using Microsoft Word,
(make sure you save the document as an .HTML file). Sign up for
t:Adsense and/or an affiliate program, so you can offer additional
resources for your visitors. You will also earn a commission if a sale
is made or a clickthrough generated, (depending on the program you
Once your website is uploaded, you need to focus
on traffic-building. You can get an initial boost by buying traffic,
though make sure the company you buy your traffic from uses expired
domain names rather than bots or even incentive traffic, (such as paid
emails). But even after this you will need to try to build up inbound
links. These are websites that link to you. Post your site on any free
site, such as directories, message boards or online classified ads.
Also, make sure you submit articles to free article directories.
Additionally, try to initiate link exchanges. You can do this by
emailing the webmaster or finding link exchange networks such as Link
Keep building up your links until you get a steady
stream of traffic. If you get enough traffic, you will get an Alexa
rating. If the rating is pleasing, find a domain name appraiser and see
how much your domain name can go for. This will give you some idea of
how much you can realistically get, but don’t get discouraged if the
number seems low. Why? It’s because some people will care more about
the traffic your domain name is receiving over the supposed t:SEO elements
of it.
Either way, when you feel you are ready put your
domain name up for auction. You may even want to include your original
website, though this is optional. When the domain name sells, you will
need to transfer it over to the new webmaster’s account… your web
hosting company can help you with this.

With your profit you may want to consider
doing the venture again with an expired domain name. This will get you a
traffic boost without having to go through the actual process of
traffic-building, (if you decide you don’t want to do that).

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